Obtaining A Library Card

The JCPL library card is a key to unlocking a world of ideas, information and cultural opportunities. With your JCPL library card you can:

Borrow books, movies, video games, CDs, audiobooks, magazines, eReaders, and other materials
Use online services via our website from home, school, or work
Place holds on material in our collection
Access public computers to use the internet or other applications

Jessamine County Public Library cards are issued free of charge to anyone who meets one of the following criteria:

If you are a resident of or work in Jessamine County
If you are a resident and library card holder of a county that participates in a Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement with the Jessamine County Public Library

If you do not meet the criteria above, an Out-of-Town Library Card can be purchased at our circulation desk for $5.00 annually. Please call 859-885-3523 or e-mail for more information.

 How to Apply

If you are eligible for a Jessamine County Public Library card, please visit the library's Circulation Desk. When you apply, you must be prepared to provide the following:

Photo ID
Proof of current address (example: driver's license, cancelled mail, utility bill, etc.)
Birth date
Signature. Note: Any customer who is under age eighteen (18) will need a guardian's signature during registration and the guardian must already have a JCPL card or be registering for a library card at the same time.

Customers who are applying for a library card using our Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement must present their local library card in addition to the requirements listed above.

New customers who can provide all of the requirements listed above will receive their cards and full library privileges the same day as they apply. Customers who can satisfy all the requirements except current proof of address will receive their cards by mail within 10 business days and may check out a total of two items prior to receiving them.

 Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

The Jessamine County Public Library has an agreement in place with several neighboring counties to provide inter-county library service. Public library cardholders from the following counties;


may obtain a Jessamine County library card if they provide the following: a library card from their Home County, a photo ID, proof of their current address, birth date, and signature. Likewise, if you have a JCPL card, you may obtain library privileges in the aforementioned counties. Contact the library in the county that is of interest to you to find out their registration requirements.

 Card Types And Privileges

Library cards come in three designs. Both a standard credit card size card and a keychain card are provided when registering. There are a variety of privilege profiles that are available:

Adult with Internet Free Access to all circulating materials, including the public computers.
Juvenile with Internet Free

With parent or guardian signature of consent at time of registration or renewal: Access to all circulating materials, including the public computers, except cannot borrow DVDs or Video Games.

Juvenile with Internet & Video Materials Free

With parent or guardian signature of consent at time of registration or renewal: Access to all circulating materials, including the public computers and DVDs/ Video Materials.

Juvenile with Video Materials Free

With parent or guardian signature of consent at time of registration or renewal: Access to all circulating materials including DVDs/Video Games, except cannot use public computers.

Juvenile Free

With parent or guardian signature of consent at time of registration or renewal: Access to all print materials, CDs and audiobooks. Cannot use public computers or borrow DVDs or Video Games.

Out-of-Town with Internet $5.00 annually Access to public computers and the ability to borrow up to 5 items at any one time.
As a library card holder you are obliged to follow our rules and policies. To view our rules and policies click here View

All activities related to the use of the JCPL library card, including monitoring the materials borrowed and payment of late fees and/or bills for lost, damaged, or stolen materials is the responsibility of the cardholder. The cardholder is responsible for all card usage up to the point a card is reported lost or stolen.

Lost cards may be replaced in person at the circulation desk. Customers who change their address or phone number are responsible for notifying the library. You can notify the library of telephone and/or address changes in person at the Circulation Desk, by phone (859-885-3523), or by e-mail

 Your Library PIN

Your library PIN (Personal Identification Number) is needed to:

Work with your account View
Place a hold on an item in our catalog View
Use select online resources from locations outside the Library

PINs are four or more characters long, and can be any combination of letters and numbers. The Jessamine County Public Library highly recommends taking the time to choose or change a PIN to be secure and memorable. If you do not know or cannot remember your PIN, it can be provided to you at the Circulation Desk by showing photo identification or calling the library and answering questions to verify your identity.

Jessamine County Public Library
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Phone: 859-885-3523 . Fax: 859-885-5164