10 Creative DIY Gift Ideas to Make at the Library

What’s more special than a handmade gift? How about a gift handmade by you in JCPL’s Creative Space? 

Listed below are some of the easy and personal gifts that JCPL staff have made during their free time or as part of their equipment training.


1. Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

Cutting board with engraved recipe

Engrave a favorite family recipe onto a cutting board with the library’s laser cutter. IT Administrator Josh Ferguson created this family heirloom with a scanned copy of his wife’s late grandmother’s yeast roll recipe. According to Josh, “She was known for her cooking, and it was her favorite thing to do while she was alive.”

2. Wonder Woman Phone Case
Wonder Woman phone case

3D print a phone case with their favorite superhero logo. Find more phone case ideas on Thingiverse.

3. Wonder Woman Nail Decals

Laser cut Wonder Woman nail decals

Speaking of Wonder Woman… Kelly Little, the library’s Community Relations Coordinator, created these nail decals using the laser cutter.

4. World Map

Laser cut map

Use the laser cutter to engrave a world map or other image onto inexpensive cork tiles. The map pictured here hangs in Collection Services Librarian Mary Ann Abner’s office.

Laser cut map detail

5. Bulbasaur Figure

3D printed Bulbasaur

Creative Space Support Associate Andrew Lanham 3D printed Bulbasaur using instructions from Thingiverse

6. State Pride Necklace

Laser cut wooden pendants

Help them show their state pride with a laser cut pendant such as these designed by Kelly Little.

7. Earrings

3D printed earrings

Children’s Associate Ruthann Richardson received these 3D printed earrings as a gift from her husband.

8. Personalized Cookie Cutters

3D printed Star Trek and fleur de lis cookie cutters

If you enjoy giving baked goods, why not personalize your gift using a set of 3D printed cookie cutters? Or, give them their very own set. Computer Desk Associate Glenease Ballinger 3D printed these Star Trek and fleur-de-lis cookie cutters. Design your own at CookieCaster.com.

9. Ornaments

Laser cut ornaments

Library Director Ron Critchfield and Kelly Little laser cut the ornaments pictured above, while User Services Associate Amanda Bailey 3D printed the ornaments below.

3D printed ornaments

10. Ice Scraper Stocking Stuffer

3D printed ice scraper

Andrew Lanham 3D printed this ice scraper, the perfect stocking stuffer for the person who has everything. Download the instructions from Thingiverse.

Getting Started

Do these projects have you intrigued? Just remember that in order to use the Creative Space and Recording Studio, library cardholders must attend the Intro to the JCPL Creative Space and Recording Studio class and participate in an introductory one-to-one session with a qualified staff person. 

As always, there is never any charge to use our services or attend our programs. We also provide free PLA filament and card stock to use in the Creative Space, but users must provide the other approved consumable materials. Visit our Creative Space and Recording Studio page to learn more.

More Ideas

Find more great gift ideas on Inventables.com, Thingiverse.com, Instructables.com, Makezine.com, or on the library’s Make It Pinterest board.