Cosplay Fun at Comic Surge

What is Cosplay?

Simply put, cosplay is dressing up as someone else. Usually that someone else is a character from a TV series, video game, book, anime, or manga. Sometimes fans make up their own characters – an original Disney princess or Dragon Ball Z saiyan, for example. Cosplay can be for fun, for a competition, or as a way to showcase a company’s work.

Many people create their own cosplay costumes, but it is just as acceptable to purchase a costume from a company or someone else that made it. Since cosplay is ultimately about having fun, it doesn’t matter whether your costume was bought or made—just as long as you enjoy wearing it! Still curious about what cosplay is? Check out some photos from last year’s Comic Surge event below. 

Win JCPL’s Cosplay Contest

We’re hoping to see many fun and exciting costumes on display at the second annual JCPL Comic Surge event. A cosplay contest open to all ages will be happening at 1:30 PM that day; find more details on our Cosplay Information page. The prizes include gift cards to purchase items from the vendors and artists at Comic Surge. (JCPL employees and their relatives are ineligible to win prizes.) 

Make Your Own Cosplay

If you’re interested in putting together your own cosplay, whether for Comic Surge or Halloween, the library has many resources that can help. We have some amazing books that give step-by-step instructions for sewing costumes and creating armor. Click on the book cover to find a copy in our catalog.

The Hero's Closet book cover
The Costume Making Guide book cover

We also have the tools you need to cosplay, including 3D printers, sewing machines, a laser cutter, and an embroidery sewing machine. In order to use the 3D printers or laser cutter, you must take an Intro to the JCPL Creative Space class. The sewing machines can be checked out by anyone with a valid library card. You can also place the sewing and embroidery machines on hold and receive a call from the library when they are ready to be picked up. 

Cosplay is a fun hobby for everyone and we hope to see some fantastic costumes at Comic Surge on Saturday, October 14th!