Parent Tool Kit: Identifying Healthy and Appropriate Childhood Behaviors

March 14, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
JCPL at Meeting Room 3/4

Parent Tool Kit: equipping parents to set their children up for success.

These sessions will expose parents to strategies and tactics to help them establish a proactive approach to parenting.

In March, Rhealynn Clark, M.A., LPCC, RPT will focus on healthy, typical and appropriate childhood behaviors and emotions vs… MAYHEM!!! As well as emotions and behaviors in children that are unhealthy, atypical, and inappropriate. This
training will help you differentiate between behaviors that are typical,
healthy, and “normal” in early childhood, school-aged children, and adolescents,
and behaviors that may be “off,” “something’s just not right”, or have you asking “is he/she normal (or typical) compared to other kids, or is something
wrong (atypical)”?  Also, if or when
things are off, wrong, or atypical, where
do you go to get things checked out? 
Who do you, as a parent,
go to (i.e., the doctor?  A teacher?  The school psychologist?  A psychiatrist?  A pastor? 
An occupational therapist?  A
mental health therapist?  Someone else?). 

This training will also address questions
around medicating a child, and who to go to in order to have medicine
prescribed, as needed.  Lastly, this
training will seek to differentiate between behaviors that a child or teenager may
“grow out of with enough time” and other ongoing difficulties. All of these topics are ones that we often
discuss with our friends, doctors, family members, and/or pastors, and things
we often think about as we continue to parent our growing and developing

These classes are designed for an audience of adults, unless otherwise specified.  If you have questions about this please, feel free to contact us. Registration is required.