The Evening Show with Richard Wright

June 20, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
JCPL at Meeting Room 5/6

Join Richard Wright for a tour of the universe as seen through astrophotography, from nightscapes and the deepest sky galaxies, to our local celestial neighborhood in the solar system. Along the way, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the richness of the night sky and gain a few insights into how these photographs are taken. If weather permits, there will be a night sky telescope viewing after the program.

Richard S. Wright Jr. lives in Lake Mary Florida, and takes photos everywhere and any time he can – his back yard, his observatory in Okeechobee County, FL, or by traveling to dark skies at state parks and star parties. By day, Richard is a software developer for Software Bisque and serves as their imaging and technology evangelist at events across the country. 

Richard is also a Sky & Telescope blogger (, a frequent contributing author, and has led 5 Sky & Telescope webinars on the topics of astrophotography and image processing. Richard recently released his first book on astrophotography for Kindle and the iBooks bookstore: “The Evening Show, Revealing the Universe Through Astrophotography”. You can follow Richard on Instagram and Twitter @AccidentalAstro, or visit his online gallery and blogs at 

No registration is required.