Copies, Faxes & Scans


Copies are $0.10 per page for black and white and $0.35 per page for color.


Library visitors may use the public fax machine free of charge. Faxes to customers may be sent to the library at (859) 885-5164.There is no charge to pick up a fax sent to the library. To pick up a fax, visit our Customer Service Desk.


Library customers have access to a high quality scanning system. This system not only scans text documents, it also digitizes photograph collections via either a flatbed scanner or an automatic feeder that can scan 50 photos per minute. Scans can be saved to a customer’s USB drive, CD, or DVD. There is no charge for the use of the scanner, but we recommend that you call ahead and reserve the scanner station in advance of your visit. All procedures and policies for the use of the scanner are the same as those for the use of the library public computers.