Transparent Language Online 

Transparent Language Online photoOffers lessons in more than 80 different languages, and includes courses in English as a Second Language. If you are in the library, create an account to get started. Otherwise, call the Information Desk at (859) 885-3523 ext. 228, and we will create an account for you.


KidSpeak for Libraries logoThe fun and easy way for children to learn a foreign language. Download the KidSpeak software to your Windows computer.



BBC – Languages
This free online language learning center includes lessons in 40 different languages. The courses vary by language, but the seven most popular have audio, video, games, vocabulary, grammar explanations, and exercises. These fun, engaging lessons are geared toward beginners; some of the language pages provide links for more advanced resources and instruction.

Digital Dialects
Digital Dialects provides games to supplement your language learning. Learn phrases, numbers, useful words, and more. The number and type of game varies depending on the language. Some, such as the food game, include more animation than others.

Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English with this free, ad-free website and app that feels like game. An independent study found that using Duolingo for 34 hours is equivalent to taking a semester-long college course. Offers Android and iOS apps.

A comprehensive online language learning system that focuses on the whole-part-whole learning structure, allowing “learners to observe, learn, and then practice new language concepts.” The practice involves interaction with other learners. You can get a limited amount of coursework for free using the token system—earn tokens by helping other learners—or you can pay $9.95/month or $99.95/year for full access.

Open Culture
A comprehensive list of links to free language learning podcasts, videos, and websites. Includes links for 40 languages.

RhinoSpike allows you to exchange foreign language audio with other users. Upload the text you’d like to hear, and a native speaker will record it for you.