Fines & Bills

Material OverdueFine (per item per day)Maximum fine (per item)
Books 10¢$5.00
Books on CD 10¢$5.00
Music CDs 10¢$5.00
Magazines & Comic Books 10¢$5.00
Playaways & Playaway Views$1.00$5.00
eReaders $1.00$5.00
Video games$1.00$5.00
DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs$1.00$5.00
Interlibrary Loans$1.00$21.00

Payment Methods

We currently accept cash, checks, and if the balance is $5.00 or more, debit and credit cards.

Lost Items

If you don’t return the library material within 45 days of its due date, the item will be considered lost. At that time, your account will be billed a processing fee and replacement cost. If this bill is not paid, or the material returned, within ten days (i.e. 55 days past the due date), your account may be forwarded to a collection agency.

Payment Plan

If you owe $10.00 or more, your account will be blocked. If you pay 10% of the balance on your blocked account, you may continue to use the library. Each time you pay 10% of the outstanding balance, you may use the public computers for 60 minutes and borrow two items.