Volunteer Opportunities

We offer volunteer opportunities in every part of the library and through a number of our community outreach library services. Even if you are only able to give one hour a month, you can help enhance the library’s programs, services, and mission. We provide training to ensure that your volunteer experience is both enjoyable and worthwhile. Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age.

Collection Services

These positions are for detail-oriented people and those who like to work independently. Some of the volunteer positions in this area require reaching, bending and/or lifting.

Most volunteers in this area help maintain the order of the collection. Other volunteers help prepare and maintain the physical items in the library collection by assisting with cleaning disks, labeling books, and keeping the collection in good shape.

Typically, we ask these volunteers to commit to a set schedule each week or month.

Programming Assistance

Volunteers in this area help by making nametags, greeting program attendees, putting together craft kits, and much more. This position is for the friendly and hospitable person who likes to help others get acquainted with the library.

These volunteers commit on an event-by-event basis and work with either children, teen, or adult programs.


Bringing library services to people in the county who cannot get to our building is a top service priority. Much volunteer help is needed to make our outreach programs a success.

These positions require a minimum 6-month commitment to the library.  Use of own transportation is required for all of these volunteer opportunities.

Library Ambassadors represent the library at various community events by staffing an information table and sharing information about the library’s collection, programs, and services with the public.

Library Link volunteers select, check-out, deliver, and return library materials to Jessamine County’s homebound residents.

There are also a few volunteer positions with the Library Link program that only require volunteers to select and checkout items at JCPL. These items are then delivered and returned by another individual.

Spellbinders (Oral Storytellers) train as storytellers and represent the library by sharing stories with a variety of populations around the county.

A multiple day training course is required to be taken by all Spellbinders and is offered once per year.

Have Another Great Idea?

Do you have another great idea on how you would like to volunteer at the library? Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator and let us know about it!