The Jessamine County Public Library offers WiFi to allow mobile devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet. WiFi is available throughout the library and is provided free of charge to all visitors, whether or not you are a library card-holder.

To use the library’s WiFi, you need a mobile device, such as a laptop, loaded with a web browser that can connect to a wireless network that is 802.11b/g/n compatible.

Connecting to JCPL WiFi
Wireless Printing



To protect the information on your device, we strongly encourage the use of security measures such as virus protection software and a personal firewall. All security measures are the sole responsibility of the laptop user. The library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to your laptop that might result from using the library’s wireless network.

We advise against using any public wireless Internet connections to conduct personal or business transactions, such as banking, where sensitive account information or other personal data is involved.

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Connecting to JCPL WiFi

If your mobile device does not automatically detect or allow you to connect to the JCPL WiFi network, you may need to alter your device’s settings.

Potential configuration changes include:

  • Configure your Wireless Network Connection TCP/IP and DNS to automatic (this may also be phrased as enabling DHCP)
  • Allow your device to connect to an unsecure network (this may appear as a pop-up when you attempt to connect)

Once you have connected to the JCPL WiFi wireless network, you will need to agree to the terms of usage of the library’s WiFi network. These terms will appear when you launch your Internet browser. If you agree, simply click the button to continue.

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 Wireless Printing

The library offers our customers a method to print wirelessly on the JCPL WiFi network if their mobile devices are capable of doing so. There are two ways to take advantage of this service:

1. From an Android or iOS Device

    • Download and install the free PrinterOn app (AndroidiOS).
    • Open the app and tap the button to select a printer.
    • Select the “Location” tab and search for either Nicholasville or Jessamine.
    • The results of your search should give a map of the area with some printer icons on it. Two of the icons should be for the library – one for color and one for black and white.
    • Select the printer you want, and save it.
    • Return to the main menu.
    • Find what you want to print, select the printer you want to use and follow the on screen instructions.

2. From a Web Browser

If you are in need of additional help, please ask the staff member in our public computer area.

To Pick Up Your Print Job

      • Visit the self-service print station in the public computer area
      • Log in
      • Select your print job
      • Pay
      • Pick up your job at the printer

Print jobs are non-refundable, so we recommend using the print preview function prior to sending your print job.

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